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Olive wood coffee table with epoxy

Olive wood coffee table with epoxy

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This Beautiful coffee table is made from ancient Mediterranean olive wood combined with High-quality epoxy and sturdy metal legs, meticulously handcrafted to showcase the natural beauty and timeless elegance of the wood.

To enhance the table's visual appeal and durability, we incorporate an epoxy resin that fills the natural voids and imperfections in the wood, creating fascinating patterns and a smooth, glass-like finish. This fusion creates a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary design.
Whether you want to, furnish your living room, office, or any other space in need, this stunning coffee table will make a statement.

Product specifications
- Length: 22 inches 
- Width: 22 inches
- Thickness: 1.29 inches
- Ingredient: olive wood (polished with beeswax), Epoxy, Metal.
- Shipping: Free

* Please feel free to contact me for any further information 24/7.
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